Cookies usage Policy

The website, as most websites, uses small archives called cookies which enable us to improve your browsing experience. Your browsing in entails that you grant your consent in the use of cookies as described in the current Cookies Use Policy. Should we deactivate the cookies used by ourselves, that may affect your browsing experience in our website.

1. What are cookies and why do they exist?

Cookies are small archives stored by the Browser in the device via which you browse in Every cookie includes the usual information such as the name of the website coming from, its B+life spanB; (i.e. how long it will stay in your device), and a key value which is usually a number. Mainly, cookies allow websites to store several information anonymously, for example the browser’s preferences or whether one has visited the website again. In, cookies are used for the easier surfing of the website users, the purpose being both its better adjustment to one’s interests and needs and its improvement in use and functionality. Moreover, cookies are not only used for the compilation of unspecified traffic statistics but also for us to understand how you locate our webpages. These statistics will enable us to understand the way you use our website so as to improve its structure and content. In any case, there is no way to trace your personal identity through cookies. Cookies are stored strictly in your device (computer, tablet, mobile phone) and keeps no record or data base with your personal particulars.

2. What types of cookies are used in

When visiting one webpage on, it is likely to create the following types of cookies:• Cookies for the improvement of the website performance
• Cookies for unspecified traffic statistics
• Cookies for advertisement operation of Google Analytics
• Cookies for advertisements
• Other third-party cookies
To continue with, we place herebelow detailed information for each one of these cookies.

Cookies for the improvement of the website performance:
This type of cookies is used for storing your preferences regarding the tools provided by our website. For instance: • Listing whether the Javascript operation in your Browser is active • Automatic reattachment with the comments form, in case you have been connected in your last visit • Under which classification you wish comments to appear • Sound volume during sound/video reproduction

Cookies for unspecified traffic statistics:
Every time you visit the webpages of, unspecified cookies are produced for collecting visiting statistics. These cookies are produced by third-part services such as Google AnalyticsB and are used for us to know: • if you have visited our website in the past • the number of single visitors and the frequency of their visiting our website • the projection of every single webpage and our published articles • the visiting sources , i.e. whether the users visit our website following quotations on other websites, social networks, advertising campaigns, search engines (Google, Bing) or visit directly Google Analytics Advertising Operation: has activated Google Analytics Service, which provides us with unspecified visiting statistics the following advertising function: • Repetitive marketing • Projection reports in the Google network • Report for unspecified collective population and interest statistics, such as age and gender so as to have a better understanding of our visitors. • Integrated services asking from Google Analytics to collect data via advertising cookie and unspecified identifiers. These operations allow Google Analytics to collect data regarding your visiting via Google advertising cookie ( and the unspecified identifiers ( ), on top of the other elements collected via the Google Analytics basic application. In no way is your personal identification allowed. Should it be your wish, you can be excluded from the Google Analytics advertising functioning. You can go through the available exemption choices Google Analytics advertising operation for your browser in the following address:B

Cookies advertisements:
These cookies allow us to know whether you have seen an advertisement or a type of advertisement and the length of time since then. We can always use cookies from third parties for a more specific definition of the advertisements watched by yourselves (interest-based advertisements).

Exemption from advertisements
Should you wish it, you can administer the Google advertisements you watch on and on other websites in the page Advertisements Settings:B In the same page, should you wish it, you can be exempted from the interest-based advertisement. You can also administer the cookies of many companies used for advertisements on the network on the page choices ( which concert USA or the webpage Your Online Choices ( which concerns European Union.

Third-party cookies:
During your browsing on our webpages, third-party organisations and companies may produce their own unspecified cookies to control the operation of their application and to personalise it for yourselves. Due to the nature of cookies, has no control or access to any of these third-party cookies, and no other organisation cannot have access in the stored data. These third-party companies and organisations have their own Cookies Policy and Privacy. For example, for the third-party cookies on Facebook you can find the Use Policy right here:B, Also, During browsing on, cookies from Flash Software may be created. This software is usually installed in your Browser as an extension and it is used for the projection of animated graphics or videos. You can read Adobe Company Cookies Policy, the manufacturer of the Flash Software, on the webpage:B

3. Deactivating cookies in your Browser (browser)

Webpage Browsers are usually regulated in such a way so as to accept all cookies. Should you wish it, it is feasible to adjust your own Browser not to accept cookies from a certain webpage, to be notified when storing or not to accept cookies at all. Nevertheless, should you deactivate cookies for, it is likely that we will not be able to provide you with all the operations offered by our website. To know more about the cookies regulations in the various browsers, press click on the “Help” option of your browser or go through the information of the specific programme.

4. Useful links for cookies

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